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errors of tutoring centres

Error 1: Standardised & inflexible  


Every child has a few subjects that they will struggle with. Yet, tutoring centres are rigid and work off pre-set plans. Therefore, they only work on your child's weaknesses a few times a term, incorrectly assuming this is enough to resolve every student's problem.

Error 2: Parents are excluded & unaware of their child's progress


Most tutoring centres will ask you to 'trust' that they know what's best for your child, offering them standardised curriculum that hasn't been revised for decades. Sigma realises that nobody knows your child better than you and that if continuous feedback is combined with a little collaboration from parents, it is much easier for a tutor to help the student deliver excellent results.

Error 3: Tutors are untrained & Inexperienced  


Finding a tutor isn't just matching a student's weakest subject with a tutor's best subject, since many high achievers do not have the patience, empathy or organisation to become expert teachers. Often, tutors are not aware of how to take the student's learning style or age level into account.

Reasons Why parents choose us

Reason 1: Personalised & Flexible  


At Sigma, tutors diagnose your child's weaknesses in lesson one and, after discussing strategies with our principal tutor, design lesson plans that maximise your son/daughter's progress. This level of personalisation is what has allowed our students to improve their results so quickly.

Reason 2: Parents are a part of their child's educational journey 


At Sigma, we send lesson reports that keep you up to date of any homework, and also stand as a documented outline of your child's journey to mastery. Parents love this because, other than school interviews and reports, which occur only twice a year, they never get a chance to speak to an experienced educator about their child's performance. 

REASON 3: Tutors are trained & are dedicated to mentoring your child


Sigma is about more than just acing the next exam, we are about revolutionising your child's view on their education - in terms of both technique and attitude. To do this, the student needs a tutor who explains concepts effectively and engages them, acting as a mentor who will help them mimic their own successes and avoid their mistakes.


OUr Results

how it works

1. Send us an enquiry to let us know that you're interested.

3. We send one of our exceptional tutors for your child's first private lesson.

5. Your tutor will meet with your child every week for their lesson.

2. We will call you to discuss your child's needs and match a tutor to those needs.

4. We follow up to gain your feedback and ensure you're happy with our services.

6. Payment is processed seamlessly with our automatic online system. 


our tutoring services 

Kindergarten - year 6 Tutoring

Unlike other tutoring institutions which attempt to provide a blanket service for both younger and older learners, we separate the two. We understand that primary school students learn differently to high school students, which is why we carefully consider which of our tutors have a history in teaching younger learners to optimise your child's learning experience. 


year 7-10 tutoring

Sigma Education aspires to make your child 'HSC ready'. We know that the early high school years are crucial because they lay the groundwork for HSC years. We don't just teach content, but our tutors are dedicated to mentoring your child—  equipping them with the study and organisation techniques that have proven to be successful in the HSC examinations.


Selective school entry test tutoring

It is no secret that the school you sit your HSC at matters. And so part of making your child 'HSC ready' is helping them access the greatest high schools in Sydney. Instead of drilling paper after paper, we help your student rank better by breaking down the entire test into a few 'question types'. By doing this, we focus on the parts of the test your child struggles with most.

General Ability



No lock-in contracts

No administration fees

No call out fees

Easy online payment system

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I pay?

All payments are automatically debited each week with an invoice sent out to your email. Once you make your first payment, your credit card details will be securely saved and future payments can become automated. You are still able to check your weekly invoice.

What is our cancellation policy?

We offer free cancellation when you provide 4+ hours notice. If you provide less than 4 hours notice we reserve the right to charge you for that lesson.

Where does the tutoring take place?

We offer private home tutoring. However, special considerations can be made under certain circumstances.

How long is each lesson?

Lesson times can range anywhere from 1 hour to 3 hours, this depends on the age of your child and the period of the year. The option to select longer lessons allows for more comprehensive lessons close to exams and shorter lessons over the holidays, when they don't require additional support.

How many lessons will occur per week?

Lesson frequency is completely up to you. However, the minimum frequency is once every 2 weeks during the school term.