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Reason 1: Personalised & Flexible  


At Sigma, tutors diagnose your child's weaknesses in lesson one and, after discussing strategies with our principal tutor, design lesson plans that maximise your son/daughter's progress. This level of personalisation is what has allowed our students to improve their results so quickly.

Reason 2: Parents are a part of their child's educational journey 


At Sigma, we send lesson reports that keep you up to date of any homework, and also stand as a documented outline of your child's journey to mastery. Parents love this because, other than school interviews and reports, which occur only twice a year, they never get a chance to speak to an experienced educator about their child's performance. 

REASON 3: Tutors are trained & are dedicated to mentoring your child


Sigma is about more than just acing the next exam, we are about revolutionising your child's view on their education - in terms of both technique and attitude. To do this, the student needs a tutor who explains concepts effectively and engages them, acting as a mentor who will help them mimic their own successes and avoid their mistakes.

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