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Do NOT hire a tutor until you read this

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Parenting is hard. And somehow it seems that the bigger the kid gets, the bigger the challenges become. Education is one of the biggest challenges. In a fast pace world everything changes, education should, too. However, both public and private schools lack the resources to support each individual student’s needs. That is why sometimes hiring a private tutor is a great way to make sure your child gets the full attention of a highly qualified professional, someone that can help them achieve their goals. Maybe that goal is getting into a top Australian University.

How do you hire a great tutor? It’s not as easy as it sounds, not all are created equal and to get outstanding results you need to hire one outstanding educator. We want to help, so we’ve tried to map out the most important mistakes people make when hiring a tutor. You are trusting this person with the academic future of your child so make sure you do hire the most qualified person for the job.

1. Experience does not guarantee a tutor person is qualified

Someone who read Newton and Einstein works does not mean they know how to teach Physics. Being knowledgeable does not translate into teaching skills.

When Sigma hires teachers, quite often we find ourselves accepting more recent high school graduates rather than 99+ ATAR tutors who graduated years ago. We find that recent graduates can be more relatable and can communicate better, getting the students to fully commit to the work.

Academics and age isn’t the only criteria we are looking for, especially since we are looking to align your child with a mentor, not just a tutor. We pick tutors who have shown leadership in their school, university or local communities, those who are achieving in the sporting arena, contributing to charities, managing university societies or building businesses in the education industry.


Firstly, the best way we can ensure that your child is comfortable and happy with their new tutor is to make sure that tutor has a track record for making people feel comfortable and happy. In other words, we make sure that our tutors are outgoing, have social skills and have a history of inspiring others to achieve goals.

The second reason is quite obvious. Your child’s mentor should practice what they preach. If they are to give advice about study, organisation and career choices, they must have been through these professional milestones before, so that they can guide your child through it.

2. You have to be in it for the long run if you want the best results

Working with a tutor is not a quick fix before exams. It’s not the silver bullet you can turn to time and time again before every test. You and your child need to invest time and resources into it. There are students that get overconfident and, after just a couple of months of tutoring and some improvement, give it up only to experience steady decline soon after.

Learning on a consistent schedule is more valuable than you’d think. It’s a life lesson in this fast-paced world: it teaches your kid that learning is not a sprint, but a marathon. In fact, part of the reason Sigma Education was founded in 2016 was to ‘build lifelong learners’. We consistently refer to our tutors as ‘mentors’ because we know that the best service we can do for your child is not short term A’s, but a change in your child’s view on learning and education. Sigma provides more than just tutoring, we are about revolutionising your child’s view on their education — in terms of both their technique and their attitude.

3. Find the best tutor from the first try. It’s better for your kid and your finances

I won’t lie to you: getting an expert private tutor can become expensive, prices range from $55/hr to $125/hr. It can prove even more expensive if you do not get it right from the start. Some parents turn to friends for a discounted rate in an effort to be more cost-efficient. This tactic most often fails because they end up switching tutors 2-3 times before actually finding the right match for their kid and their budget. And once their child advances to another level or needs help with a different course the tutor does not master you need to start looking for a new tutor. Again. Tiresome, right?

It is a waste of your energy, but more importantly, it’s a waste of your child's time. That time could have been used for valuable education. In the end, those savings you thought you made turn into costs. At Sigma, we take our time to listen to your goals for your child in our initial consultation and from this information, we pick the perfect tutor for your situation. At the end of the day, we will know the tutor’s approach a lot better than the friend you asked for a referral from, meaning that we can ensure you find the best tutor on the first try.

Are you interested in having your child mentored by the top 4% of the state? Would you like to find the right tutor once and for all? Sigma Education is currently open to new enquiries for 2018. Fill in this enquiry form and you can receive your first lesson within just a couple days.

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